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The breed of Single Footing or Speed Rackers are compareable with warmblood breeds. You can choose all breeds as long the breeding goals are ensured. As the most important target is to get gaited horses with the ability for speed racking (single footers: Speed racking with one foot only touching the ground in speed) it makes sure sense to choose appropriate gaited breeds.

The experience in USA is that the best results are crosses of Standardbreds with a percentage of about 25% or less gaited horse breeds - usually Tennessee Walking Horse or Saddler, sometimes Morgans, Rockies, Islandic or Pasos.

This means the studbook of the breed is open. Main breeding goals are the gait (speed racking) and a kindly and friendly disposition because the main use is Trail Riding. Although there are several competetions in USA to prove their ability for speed racking the main use of those events is FUN.

Due to the open studbook they can differ a lot and they can come in all colors, sizes and looks. But the good ones have common a strong motor in the back and a size of 1,50 - 1,60 m with strong conformation, legs and big hooves. A lot of them have some bulky head and less maine and tail. But by far not all. There is a huge choice depending of the breeder and breeding horses / choice of breeds.

They are registered as Speed Racking Horses (more freedom in the choice of weights to receive the gait) or Single Footing Horses (limited weight or barfoot) with qualification or with pedigree. Pedigree means they are registered as offspring of registerd parents. Several horses go back over generations as Speed Racking or Single Footing Horses.

One of the founding stallions is EZD Falcon Rowdy. Find his story here. He was an incredible Speed Racking Horse and the father and grandfather of several extraordinary horses. Unfortunately he was bred that much that those lines are partial very inbred.


Standardbreds are bred for speed, so if you have a fast horse I bet if you look in those blood lines there will be Standardbred blood in there some where. The record speed in a pace for a Standardbred is 33.89 mph, and that is pulling a sulky. The real racing horses are bred for trott or pace.

Most Standardbreds are also gaited, and can reach speed up to 30 mph.

Not all Standardbreds will Rack/Singlefoot, but most will.

Because of the genetics of the breed, they can be encouraged and trained to perform smooth ambling gaits, notably the rack and the stepping pace as well as speed racking. The number of gaited Standardbreds is steadily growing in the United States, with some stud farms dedicated to breeding individuals with this characteristic. Standardbreds are also gaining popularity in Australia as endurance horses, from the 20 km social rides and 40 km training rides, up to the 80 km endurance rides. They are known for their strong and dense bones, suitable conformation and ability to maintain high speeds for extended periods of time comfortably. The kind and manageable temperament of the breed also contributes to its popularity.

Article Trail Rider Magazin: Single-Footing Horse

"The Single-Footing Horses' fast, smooth gait is what really makes them special, and they've remained true to their heritage as a working trail horse.

The Single-Footing Horse is bred exclusively for work and trail riding. "Other gaited horses have been subject to the passing fads of the show ring, but the Single-Footing Horse has remained true to its purpose and heritage," Hardy says. "While the Single-Footing Horse comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes, it's how their four feet hit the ground that's most important." more

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