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Horses for sale

Single Footing / Speed Racking Horses are rare in Europe. Find the opportunity to get one of those rare Ferraris. Speed, natural 4-beat gait, endurable, strong and relaxed disposition will inspire you from the first ride. Want to test them? Contact


SOLD- Rowdy Rawhides Glowing Iron

Rowdy Rahwhides Glowing Iron

born 2017 in Virginia, USA

Sire: Rowdy Rawhide (90% Standardbred)

Dam: Southern Belle (Standardbred)

Color: Sooty Palomino (CR/cr, AA)

Gait: A/A homozygot

Registration: Speed Racking (RHBAA) and Single Footing (SHOBA)

Iron ist ein vielversprechender, kräftiger Junghengst mit überragenden Gängen und Exterieur.

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