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SHOBA registration

The most Speed Racking Horses are not registrated in USA. Registration does not much value to Owners and breeders. Anyway - for the import correct papers are important. There are two main organizations to register them: RHBAA or SHOBA. RHBAA does registrate all horses that rack. They are allowed to wear heavy shoes to force the gait. SHOBA requires not only rack but Single Footing. That means that only one foot touches the ground if the horse is in speed. The weight on the shoe is limited or barefoot. From that reason in the registration video the shoes have to be shown. The horse can be regsitrated by pedigree (both parents are registrated) or by qualification. This means the stud books are open, the genepool is open. Each breed that single foots is able to be registered. This video is an example video to register the horse.

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