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19 Single Footer hit the ground of Europe in 2017 only!

SHOBA Europe and SSHARB proudly pronounce that 19 Single Footers hit the ground of Europe or have new european Owners in 2017 only, 6 foals are expected for 2018. Lines of Saturday Nite´s Action, Big Blue Madness, Speck, Undertaker, Chico, Hot Patches, Highway to Hell, Sierra Kosmos, Thumper, Coral LaCe, Falcon Rowdy are represented. The population and interest in the breed exploded. No question why: Those horses are strong, willing to go but easy to handle and create an ulimative extra fun with their speed rack. Find a few of them which went to Europe in the pictures. SHOBA Europe collects the data of European horses in an informal registry. Who is interested to support the tracking of the breed in Europe is very welcome to send us your horses information: Name, pedigree, date of birth, color, breeder and owner name are needed as far known.

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